Stainless steel bathtub for safety and comfort

​​Finding a stainless steel bathtub isn't always an easy task, especially one that meets all the standards for safety and hygiene when it comes to assisted bathing. It's also important that it holds a high quality as well, something which TR Equipment can provide with its height adjustable stainless steel bathtubs. On top of being made in high quality materials there's also additional functions, some of them optional, to TR Equipment's bathtubs such as thermometer, shower and cleaning hoses, a whirlpool system and an autofill function. 

Since the bathtub is made for helping treatment of burns, it's resistant to withstand chemicals that may come with the treatment and has a high lifetime, meaning you don't need to worry about the tub breaking down anytime soon. It's shaped to also be comfortable for the person in the bath while also being ergonomic for the one assisting them.

Simplicity and functiona​​lity

Of course, while the stainless steel bathtub from TR Equipment is made for burn treatment it doesn't mean it's restricted solely to people needing treatment for their burns as it can easily be used for anyone that requires some extra care and assistance from someone else to perform tasks. ​​

Regardless if it's for private use or not, the bathtub can be used without much fuzz since it's made to be effective and to use with its simple, obvious controls. It's all thanks to TR Equipment's focus on making products which are simple and easy to use while holding functionality, hygiene and longevity in high regard.​​​